Entity Selection & Restructuring

CPA Solvers covers all aspects of accounting for your business, including entity selection and restructuring. We shall explain why this is important.

Why is entity selection and restructuring necessary?

Entity selection and restructuring creates a large impact on your business as a whole. In fact, it is a crucial element in determining equity and tax liabilities. Whether planning to start a business or looking into other corporate options, it pays to understand what form of entity is in line with your goals.

There are many business entities established without proper consideration of ownership forms. Proper entity selection is important, especially when tax obligations are involved.

After a year or two of operation, the business structure may not conform to your goals and needs anymore. This is also where restructuring comes in.

entity selection and restructuring

What are the benefits of entity selection and restructuring?

  1. You can enjoy reduced taxes.
  2. You will be protected from liabilities.
  3. Your business operation will be more flexible.
  4. You will find it easy to expand your business.

What are the drawbacks if there is no entity selection?

  1. You will have relatively higher taxes.
  2. You will suffer increased business risk.
  3. There is lesser operational flexibility.
  4. You will experience a more complicated expansion and succession.

What do we have to offer?

Organizational goals tend to change from time to time. At least annually, take time to meet up with tax professionals to discuss your business plans. Remember that planning and monitoring include paying your liabilities.

If you need assistance in entity selection and restructuring, call CPASolvers so we can set an appointment and answer your queries. We are not here for a one-time-only project. As your business continues to grow, our staff will continually offer professional advice to ensure your organizational success.

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