Payroll Services

You can count on CPA Solvers to outsource your payroll services.

Self-managing your payroll services or entrusting it to a few employees can be a complex process.

It may also expose sensitive personal financial records of wages and other details to in-house staff.

Payroll Services from the Experts

There is no question coping with payroll can raise severe challenges to organizations of all sizes. 

Even the most experienced business leaders can find it difficult to have time to focus attention on wage taxes, workers compensation and filing deadlines. It is here that CPA Solvers payroll services come into the picture. 

  • Enterprises may use our payroll services to ensure the timely and accurate compensation of employees and that your company fulfills all legal obligations.
  • Let CPA Solvers relieve the worries about individual employees compensation, so that you can focus on other essential business tasks.
  • To calculate the total wages, we have a simplified payroll reporting system that collects salary data and hours. We then remove the necessary withholdings, print checks, make direct deposits and file taxes.
  • The company will also submit annual W-2 and 1099 reports and address any requests made by the IRS or other governmental agencies.

Past and Current Processes in Comparison

In the past, an employer had to call the payroll system with wage and hour details.

With our online payroll filing app processing is much faster.  You may now sign in and update your payroll account with us anytime around the clock at your convenience.

What are the benefits of using our Payroll Services?

By streamlining your corporate functions, your company can improve efficiency in operations.

One dilemma frequently raised by business owners is whether to keep executing duties locally or to outsource operations that do not generate revenue or add value to core business activities. 

Although HR tasks such as payroll had often been performed on-site in the past, most businesses have seen the advantages of outsourcing to a managed payroll services provider.

1. Keep control. 

You remain in control of all payroll responsibilities because CPA Solvers allows you to assign our role in depth. 

You likewise get to choose the specific roles you want to turn over, and which tasks you want to execute on-site if any.

It’s not an option of everything or nothing. Instead, it is flexible and scalable with us as your managed payroll services provider.

You can detail what you want for CPA Solvers to do. By letting us, as your the third party partner, do the heavy lifting, you can focus on what you do best.

2. Risk management enforcement.

Payroll and tax laws can be complicated and nuanced. With us as your third party partner, you can gain access to legal, governmental, privacy and security expertise to mitigate risks. 

It is particularly crucial if you own a small company and have little payroll experience within your organization. 

To ensure compliance with the regulations and ensure that your data is safe against payroll theft and fraud, having CPA Solvers as your outsourced accounting partner we will provide our payroll services effectively, securely and confidentially.

3. Enhanced precision.

It is necessary to have the figures right when it comes to accounting, to prevent problems with the IRS and maintain employees satisfaction.

It can be challenging to achieve the correct result with varying tax rates, a multitude of timesheets, pay scales, different benefits & coverage, and voluntary withholdings. This will not be a problem when you let us manage your accounting payroll services.

You can be sure of accuracy when you invest in our managed payroll services. That way, your workers’ compensation is accurate and on schedule every time.

4. Increased productivity.

Leveraging our experience will reduce the time required to manage the payroll of your workers. 

Outsourcing will allow the workers time to pursue more critical tasks that produce added value and profits. 

Since payroll administration is time-consuming, removing this obligation will enable your staff to focus their skills on other in-house operations.

5. Expertise in taxes.

According to the IRS, 40% of small businesses pay annual fines on filings and refunds that are late or wrong. 

Using our payroll services can greatly help to mitigate the possibility of penalty with these fines. These savings can then help to support the cost outsourcing of payroll services.

payroll services

Please feel free to contact us today to outsource the management of your payroll needs and improve your company’s overall efficiency.