Small Business Accounting

We manage your small business accounting process while you grow your business. We at CPA Solvers Inc are a team of skilled Certified Public Accountants, providing different financial management and tax services.

Our services include payroll computation, QuickBooks consultation, tax planning, financial recording & reporting. We likewise provide other accounting or tax services for your small business needs.

Here are brief descriptions of our services and what to expect from us.

QuickBooks Accounting System

We streamline your small business accounting processes by incorporating the QuickBooks Accounting system. We guarantee that the system will be your most valuable investment.

Many small businesses prefer to use QuickBooks because of its user-friendly interface. Even non-accountants can understand the process.

With QuickBooks, you can manage your customer invoices, perform inventory checks, pay bills on time and file tax returns. This allows you to record your daily transactions and generate reports necessary for planning strategies and decision making.

QuickBooks Desktop Vs. QuickBooks Online

You can choose between systems of cloud-hosted QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. Both systems are secure and ensure the availability of your data, anytime, anywhere. They are simple and easy to use.

QuickBooks Consultation

We can assist you with the system if you prefer to record your transactions by yourself. We can provide consultations and reviews regarding the validity of the reports generated.

These consultations and reviews are different from audit services since these reviews don’t involve assurance in the correctness of your generated reports.

QuickBooks Experts

Our accountants are experts in using the QuickBooks accounting system. We have years of experience in using the system.

Thus, we can assist solve problems that may arise during the recording and reporting process while using the system.

Financial Recording

We know how busy you are. Indeed, we offer financial recording and reporting. In this service, we use the QuickBooks system. We update your business data and generate your reports promptly using your preferred version of the system.

We file your tax returns on time to avoid penalties. With our financial recording services, you can use your valuable time on other important business matters. Furthermore, we will provide you with reports at your convenience.

Payroll Computation

Payroll is a complicated accounting process that requires an organized system. One incorrect computation may lead to labor disputes and tax implications. Thus, to avoid these issues, trust your payroll process to CPA Solvers Inc.

We perform the intricate processes of payroll, from the computing of benefits and contributions to filing withholding taxes.

Payroll Administration

The difficulty of payroll processing is maintaining and updating of employee data to ensure correct reporting of withholding taxes and deductions. Thus, we can update your employee data for you.

We will assist you in maintaining an organized employee file which improves efficiency in many ways. For instance, when problems arise or when employees avail of a retirement benefit, you can extract the records and compute accordingly. In relation to this, we can assist you in computing the retirement benefit, too.

Pay-as-you-go Workers Comp

We provide an option for pay-as-you-go workers comp. Pay-as-you-go workers comp is recommended for small business owners who are paying insurances for their employees.

This system allows you to allocate premium payments every time we compute your payroll. Thus, your liability is spread out throughout the year, giving you more flexibility when it comes to your payroll expenses.

Tax Services

small business accounting

Tax liability is one of the most significant obligations of a small business. As part of the small business accounting process, you need to compute and file your tax returns as per schedule.

With many decisions you need to make, monitoring the deadline of tax dues can take up your valuable time. The solution is to hire accountants to perform the job for you and we are here to help.

Tax Filing

Our expert team is knowledgeable in all aspects of tax filing, whether it’s a corporation or a small business. We file your tax returns accordingly so that you won’t incur penalties.

We ensure to notify you weeks ahead so that you can prepare the necessary documents and information needed for the filing.

IRS Representation

We represent clients to the IRS. If you are having trouble with the IRS, we will be your representative because we know how formidable IRS is when it comes to tax regulations.

Our Certified Public Accountants are knowledgeable in tax rules and regulations. We can answer questions and enter into an agreement with the IRS on your behalf.

Financial Consulting

We offer services that assist you in detecting and correcting errors. Our financial consulting services include financial statements interpretation, ledger maintenance, reconciliation and other services related to financial and accounting management.


QuickBooks is an automated accounting system, but it is not perfect. QuickBooks is still prone to human errors.

When transactions are erroneously recorded, your reports are also incorrect. Incorrect information leads to inaccurate decisions. These inaccuracies will affect your small business in the short and long term.

In such situations, what can you do?

This is where CPA Solvers can help. We will reconcile your books for you. With bank reconciliation, we can identify missing checks or unauthorized transactions.

This reconciliation is especially beneficial if you entrust the management of your small business to an operations manager or management firm.

Ledger Maintenance

Clean general and subsidiary ledgers are a must to small businesses because these books keep a history of all your transactions. With organized ledgers, you can trace unauthorized transactions, and we can assist you in maintaining a systematic ledger posting using either QuickBooks or a customized accounting system.

Financial Statements Interpretation

You can generate your financial statements through the QuickBooks system. Reports are generated monthly, but you may not be sure how to interpret the data. We can interpret it for you.

We can assist you in determining the expenses that are over or under-budget by interpreting the income statement. With the income statement, we can identify the operating status of your business, whether your business is generating enough income or not.

Through the cash flow statements, we can aid you in identifying areas in your business that might need cash bolsters. With the use of the balance sheet, we can offer advice regarding earning and non-earning assets.

CPA Solvers for Small Business Accounting Services

Our exemplary services will help your small business grow by maintaining systematic small business accounting. Contact CPA Solvers for a free consultation at your first appointment.