Virtual Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation is a complex report and can be a serious legal issue with government authorities. For your peace of mind, leave it to tax and accounting experts. This is where CPA Solvers come in, as we offer Virtual Tax Preparation Services

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One of the business transactions gaining popularity is the virtual tax preparation service, wherein you can file taxes online. No need to travel, wait for the long queue, and discuss tax issues and concerns with collectors. There are online tax professionals available who will assist you in the preparation and filing of your income tax.

But why will you choose a virtual tax preparation service such as CPA Solvers over tax accountants? Will this kind of service help businesses, especially the ones that are just starting up? 

Benefits of Getting a Virtual Tax Preparation Service

Below are the top eight benefits of getting virtual tax services for businesses.

1. Convenience

Businesses are able to submit tax documents and all necessary forms to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) anytime and anywhere. Companies do not have to fall in line to be able to file businesses and corporate tax returns. CPA Solvers’ virtual tax services eliminate the need to schedule appointments and trips to prepare tax forms.

Companies will significantly benefit from this type of online service.  They will have more time available to do more important things instead of spending it on filing tax returns. They will also be able to focus their attention on their products and customers for better delivery of services.

Virtual Tax Preparation Services

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2. Consultation with tax professionals

Gone were the days when the electronic filing of taxes was just a direct submission of documents through a tax software and system. Today, tax e-services may include a client portal wherein companies can ask questions on matters you don’t understand. Tax preparers and experts are always ready to help businesses along the way with the help of technology.

A team of tax pro from CPA Solvers is readily available to answer any questions relating to tax filing via chat, email, or phone. It is also one of the reasons why more and more businesses turn to virtual tax services for help. Companies don’t need to bring documents to an accountant but still have the same experts to consult with when necessary.

Businesses might find comfort knowing that there are experts always ready to respond to their concerns. This service feature brings peace of mind to top management who might need assistance on tax matters.

3. Maximum guaranteed refund

Most businesses utilize the online services software to be able to grab opportunities on tax deductions and credits. It gives companies the peace of mind by taking advantage of possible deductions and maximizing their potential as well. The virtual tax services ensure that you receive your refund accordingly.

The guaranteed money businesses get from tax refunds may be used for more critical operational activities. It means that the company budget is maximized and used appropriately with the help of CPA Solvers.

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4. Accuracy

Most companies, especially small businesses, fear the tax season. This period means more tasks to do, more documents to prepare, and more personnel are needed for the tax prep. With all the supporting documentation that needs to be prepared, mistakes are possible to occur.

Companies cannot afford to have errors in their income tax returns. It may cost them money, worse, a legal tax case. Electronic tax software and services eliminate these worries and fears.

Further, due to the multiple and diverse clients, CPA Solvers got the best overall view of best practices among industries. Thus, they guarantee that they have the expertise and skills to perform tax services for various businesses. There may even be instances when the online service fixes on the tax preparation mistakes committed by the company personnel.

5. Less processing time

The information on taxes filed online is directly sent to the IRS, which is processed by the system almost immediately. It means that the online taxes filed by companies can also be approved instantly by the IRS. Faster processing and approval subsequently mean quicker assessment and return of refund, if applicable.

Virtual tax services remove other unnecessary steps, thus saving any company time by avoiding long queues or sending e-mails. Besides, getting CPA Solvers also means that you have a system working for you all the time: No idle moments, no coffee breaks, and no complaints when using the online tax services.

6. Privacy and Security

In-house accountants and bookkeepers may sometimes unintentionally divulge financial information to other people. It can damage the reputation, culture, and future of businesses, especially those that are just starting up. Companies can avoid this problem through the use of online tax software and services offered by CPA Solvers.

Moreover, online tax clients can only access and open their accounts by the appropriate log-in information. It means that without the correct password, unauthorized access to information is prevented. Companies may also opt for different levels of access to ensure that only authorized people can view confidential data.

7. Electronic records

Businesses need to continually be ready for virus threats, theft, and corruption of data or files. You need not fear of loss of information due to damages, calamities, or fire though the virtual tax preparation. Companies are secured that their present and previous tax information are safely kept somewhere, which they can readily access anytime.

Also, CPA Solvers’ virtual tax services save businesses paper supplies and reproduction costs. Data and information are available for printing whenever needed. It saves up office space from all paper documents, which can sometimes also be fire and health hazards. You can maintain digital records and tax history, which are a lot easier to store and retrieve online.

8. Less cost

Getting online tax services or software is more affordable than hiring a team of accountants for your tax preparation and filing. Accountants charge companies by the hour for their services. For software services, they usually bill monthly charges to companies.

On average, companies may be able to save 30% to 40% in using virtual tax services. Of course, this will depend on the extent and kinds of services you will get online. Moreover, CPA Solvers do not waste any working hours on idle time and lunch breaks.

Virtual Tax Preparation Services by CPA Solvers

Whatever your company needs to ensure that you file your tax returns appropriately, there are virtual tax services available for you. There are available online tax experts who can explain how the system goes and how your company can maximize its benefits. One has to look carefully to ensure that it is the appropriate system for your business.

It would be of great help to determine whether you want to have your tax return checked, prepared, filed, or all of these things. If your business needs software for the client organizer or document portal, CPA Solvers online tax service available is Taxaroo. This virtual service gives clients a superpower to do performance analytics and electronic payments with a click of the button.

But one thing is for sure, with the available technology, you will now be able to have access to all of these services conveniently. Businesses need to take advantage of this benefit of modern technology. What’s more, you can also save time and money with the use of our online tax services in the market today.